Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In Praise of Geeky Men

Jeff bought the new Star Trek film over the weekend and we sat down to watch it Saturday night. I'd never seen it but Jeff had gone when it was in the theaters. He had come home raving about how much he'd enjoyed it and although there were some inconsistencies he had thought it was a ton of fun. I've seen all the other Trek films so I figured I should probably see this one. I hadn't really be excited about it.

I have to admit that this was a very enjoyable movie. Not a great movie but a very enjoyable one. The plot was pretty decent (for a Trek film) but it was the characters that really made this movie fun. The script played with the well known characters. We all know what Kirk is like but other than an initial fling with a green skinned alien girl (what is it about the green skin?) he kept his hands to himself. It was Spock who ended up with the girl. We finally find out the origin of the name "Bones". Sulu isn't quite the master pilot we all remember him as. And Scotty...well anytime Simon Pegg takes a role, you know it's going to be fun. Needless to say I laughed, I worried, I enjoyed the film.

And about halfway through the film Jeff and I had this conversation:
Me: Wow, Spock is seriously hot
Jeff: Young Spock or old Spock?
Me: Young Spock of course
Jeff: What about Kirk?
Me: He's okay.
Jeff: What is it with you and the geeky guys?

Okay he may not have said that last line but it was what I was thinking. I've noticed a trend in myself. Some of the guys I find hot are not the ones most women are interested in. And vice versa. Brad Pitt does nothing for me. Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson (even before they went insane) aren't on my list of attractive me. Tobey McGuire though makes me weak in the knees (particularly in those nerdy Peter Parker glasses).

I've always found geek men attractive. I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds the guys on "The Big Bang Theory" attractive although it feels like it sometimes. When watching NCIS, one of my favorite shows, it's McGee that I find hot. Even decades ago I found Clark Kent much hotter than Superman. A pair of glasses, a strange fascination with D&D, and a huge intellect are apparently big turn-ons for me. Not sure why.

So in this recent Trek installment it was Spock who played that role. I loved the conflicted serious character who was just on the wrong side of cool. I loved the (mostly) stoic nature and the arrogant intellect. I even loved the ears. Just another attraction in a long line of men who few others consider hot. Other women may not want a geek but they are apparently right up my alley.

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