Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Portents of Winter

They are predicting our first snowfall tonight. The beginning of November! This is way too early for a first snowfall. Our furnace hasn't even been turned on yet. I'm pretending that it will stay rain in the hope that this isn't actually the beginning of winter (In my mind, it is officially winter after the first snowfall). But even if it doesn't snow tonight, in my heart I know it's coming. I'm suddenly cold.

My second omen that winter is right around the corner is that I cracked open my first pomegranate this evening. Those shiny red fruit are my winter addiction. I tasted a couple of the seeds and they had an acidic aftertaste that wasn't great. I'm guessing it is still too early in the season. It was heavy but not really heavy enough to be fully ripe. But another reminder that the dread season is coming. Bleh!


Fumiko said...

We don't have much snow in here,I remember how much snow you have in Iowa ,but I am not winter person..I wish we could have spring or fall all the time.
But food is different, food in winter is great!!I should get pomegranate tart soon.

Cat B said...

Yes we have a lot of snow. Far more than I would like. I'm surprised to hear that you don't have much. Although you're pretty far south.

I could go for spring and fall all the time. Although summer would be doable too. I'm a summer person. I love the heat and the humidity.

Food in the winter is good. Food in the summer is good. Food in the fall is good... You get the idea. I like food!