Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Only Animation I Don't Like

I'm going to sound like an anti-progress curmudgeon with this statement but I hate animated gifs. Hate them! Nothing will get me to leave a webpage faster than an animated gif. I see that movement and I'm already clicking on another link to get away.

This shouldn't really be a problem for me but I'm seeing them more and more frequently. A drawing blog I follow has had two or three posts including animated gifs recently. A couple bloggers I follow have used them. It's a good think I don't follow any of the cute cat websites anymore because they seem to be the number one producers of them. It hasn't happened yet but I could see myself narrowing down my blog list if I find the author uses them frequently. I hate them that much.

You would think I'd be okay with them (not love but at least be okay) because I'm such an animation fan. Okay I'm really more of an animation junkie. I can't stay away from the stuff. Given my choice of movie it's always animated. But there is something about the repetitive movement that turns me off. The ads that use them will never ever ever receive a single click from me. And the artists who create animated gifs, even if they do amazing work outside of that, will never end up profiled on this blog. I know it sounds grouchy of me. But the next time you see one, just watch it for a couple minutes. Tell me if you feel nauseated. Tell me how fast you click off the site.


Keith said...

You're not supposed to watch them for longer than a few seconds. :-)

I have no trouble with them. Many of them are banal, but some of them are ingenious little snippets. My favorites are the Flux Machine animations, of which I am especially amused by this one:


Cat B said...

Thanks Keith! I'll give them a try. You haven't steered me wrong before. :-)

I know I shouldn't watch them for long but most of them are so repetitive that even a couple seconds is too long. Particularly the ones that just barely move. One of the art blogs I read had ones that just shifted back and forth, it was awful. And they called it art.

Jesse Norton said...

Usually they are funny and ingenious sometimes but after a while they do becoming annoying. But I don't come across lot of gif in people accounts anymore as I tweak my account settings in particular forums to not show me the display images. Try it out, beside removing the annoying pictures, it will make your browsing more faster. Hope it helps.

Cat B said...


Thanks for the tip. I'll try it out. I've seen some funny ones but even if I laugh they still drive me crazy pretty quickly. I'll play with my settings to see about removing them. And faster browsing time is always a bonus.