Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This is my computer's wallpaper. I have about 30 dozen hummingbird pictures in my iPhoto. I just love the birds. This one is from my parent's backyard. They have a Lantana that gets regular hummingbirds. The other ones are from my feeder. I started feeding them with premade food but then started making my own food after hearing some concerns about the premade stuff. Sugar and water is all you need to attract them and is quick and easy to make. The red dye isn't needed and actually may be bad for them.

I love how bold these birds are. I can sit less than 2 feet from the feeder and they will come. I can hear the buzzing of their wings and their chirps as they swoop past my head. They hover and feed so close without fear. For a tiny little bird, they offer a lot of beauty and boldness.


Lisa K said...

Do the bees come visit your feeder too? I've wanted to get one, but the bees don't need any encouraging in my gardens.

Cat B said...

The bees do come. I've seen hummingbirds fighting with bees before, but it's rare. The bees don't really bother me but I can see if you have someone with allergies that would be bad.

bleufleur said...

How lovely! I've seen some hummingbirds in my mom's garden this year, but none yet in mine. I have several lantana, so I hope one day I will see one out there :-)

Your pictures are gorgeous :-D

Cat B said...

Thanks Bleufleur! I hope you get some hummingbirds to visit your lovely garden. I know with the number of lantanas you have I'm sure they will be there soon.

Plus you have much more interesting hummingbirds than we do up north. You'll have to take some pictures if you see any. Hopefully soon.

Primordial Badger said...

Hummingbirds are incredibly cool- most folks would never suspect that they have long migratory paths, since they are such small birds. my spouse and I happen to be fans of all types of birds, and share our house with several parakeets and parrots