Wednesday, August 15, 2012


For two and a half weeks I've been spending many of my nights in front of the TV. I'm a huge Olympics fan. I want to catch every minute of coverage I can. It didn't matter which sport, I was watching. And now I've gotten used to coming home and settling on the couch. I've been out to dinners and running errand this week but the moment I come home I'm again planted on the couch, reading Facebook updates and watching whatever show is on.

And my last post was all about unplugging. It was about taking time away from electronics and feeling freer. But here I am tonight, sitting in front of the TV again. And it's taken me well over an hour to write these two paragraphs because I've been distracted by the moving pictures. It should never take me more than an hour to write a paragraph. I should never have so little concentration or focus.

So tomorrow I'm starting an experiment. No television for a week. I'm going to try to concentrate on reading, writing, and other hobbies. I haven't been knitting as much as I'd like. I haven't been writing much at all this recently. I've been working on a fascinating book for almost two weeks now, which is incredibly slow for me. I'm not focused. And I'm hoping that this experiment will show me if my concentration issues are TV related. Or if nothing else I hope I get something done. It's an experiment. It may not work. But I assume that it will be worth the effort. Wish me luck.


The Oxygen Junkie said...

Hey, I realize this comment is a little random, but I read that you were watching the coverage of the Olympics, and I wondered what your thoughts were?
It would be nice to have an outsider's perspective of things, (being the British teenager that I am) warts and all.
Feel free to comment on my blog, the address is

Your blog is pretty interesting by the way, it was nice to just peek through a window of suburban American life!

Cat B said...

Thanks Oxygen Junkie. I'll take a look at your blog and leave a comment about my impressions. I love the Olympics and am more than happy to talk about them.

I'm glad my blog offered you a peek into Midwestern Suburban life.