Thursday, January 13, 2011

Work is Killing Me

I'm in full work mode for the next couple days. Hopefully after the weekend things will settle down but until they do you'll have to content yourself with this odd picture while I head back for the second part of my exceptionally full work day (12 hours and counting).

These are my two beautiful and wonderful sisters standing in front of Albert the Bull who stands on the outskits of Audubon, Iowa. This was taken during our girls weekend to Omaha this past July.

I wish it was nice enough for short sleeves.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures in your blog posts!
Keep up the good work on your blog, and hope you survive work days :P

Cat B said...


Thank you so much for your comment and your well wishes. I'm glad you're enjoying the pictures. I'll try to post more. Thanks for taking the time to comment and thanks for reading.