Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Want To Be A Pirate!!!!

I'm sure I've mentioned that when I was six, my life's dream was to be a pirate. Not a terrible rum-swilling, murdering, plundering pirate. Just the type that lived on a ship and sailed the seven seas looking for adventure and excitement. Now of course that I'm older I still want to live on a ship and sail the seven seas looking for adventure. I'm not as sure about the pirate part...or at least I wasn't until I saw this on Beautiful Life.

This is a bedroom. A children's bedroom. A very, very lucky children's bedroom. The room was designed by Minneapolis based design firm Kuhl Design Build for a client. There are two beds in the room, the first which you see in the picture is below, among the stone walls and fish. The second, and here's where it gets good, is above in the pirate ship. You can either walk along the bridge to reach the pirate bed or you can climb the rope in the closet to your perch.

I want this bedroom. I want to go to sleep perched up high near the ceiling. I want to wake up on the deck of a pirate ship and slide down a rope to breakfast. I love the fish and whales painted around the room. I just love the sheer beauty and whimsy of this place. I would gladly become a pirate if I got to sleep in this room. Or maybe I should just hire a design firm.


JMims said...

Not only is that the most awesome bedroom ever, it does seriously make me want to hire that design firm.

Also reminds me of the time I visited Blackbeard Pirate Festival. Almost got talked into joining a pirate crew. Still not sure if I made the right choice.

Cat B said...

A Pirate Festival would be awesome. Sadly we don't have that many in my landlocked home. You didn't join the crew? Would have been fun except for all the plundering and killing part.

Thanks for the comment JMims! And thanks for reading.

facebook said...

why Pirate only? why not Mafia too ?

Cat B said...

Thanks for the comment Facebook. Sadly the Mafia don't have cool ships to sail (which is my main draw to piracy).