Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten Things I've Learned this Week

Ancora Imparo is all about learning. Well, it's been a good week for learning. Sadly some of these lessons have been learned the hard way.

10. Five Tagalongs are my limit. Any more than that and I will be sick.
9. Whiskey is not my friend. It may pretend to be my friend but it can turn on me quickly. And the after effects are not worth it.
8. Running gets easier the second day although my legs will hate me each time.
7. Caffeine is a requirement in the morning, not an option.
6. I will watch almost anything that features actors that I have crushes on (Luck of the Irish was terrible the first time and even worse the second time).
5. There is nothing better for relieving stress then a scalding hot bath.
4. I can read a book in a single night if I have to return it to the library the next day. Sleep on the other hand is apparently optional.
3. Socks are not as hard to knit as I thought they were.
2. No matter how terrible a day is, I can alway find something positive.

And number 1. I have the greatest husband in the entire world. Seriously. He's amazing. I owe him big time.

It's been a good/bad/odd/regular week. And it's only Tuesday.

What have you learned this week?


strokeheroes said...

nice thinking there
and good reading

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JMims said...

I'm not entirely sure what I've learned, other than to check the expiration date on all food that I eat.

Though, what's a tag along? I realize I can Google it, but just wondered if it was something specific, and not you randomly picking up hitchhikers.

Salt said...
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Salt said...

(no edit feature, had to delete and repost)

Tagalongs are the single best cookie sold by Girl Scouts. They consist of a cookie, a dollop of peanut butter flattened on the top, completely coated in chocolate.

I can eat one row of them. I'm not certain how many are in a row.

And your husband is a good guy.

Cat B said...

Thanks Salt for clarifying! There are five in a row by the way. Fifteen cookies in a box. JMims, Tagalongs are now called Peanut Butter Patties but I refuse to call them that. And yes, always check your expirations. Bleh!!