Thursday, September 29, 2011

Geek Crafts

As you all know I knit pretty regularly lately. Currently I'm working on a Sackboy from Little Big Planet. Other than some issues with the tiny fingers he's been a joy to knit. I've had so much fun with this project that I'm tempted to do another one. Now I just need to stitch him up and we are good. My sister-in-law had knit one last year and I always thought that it looked cool. But the idea sat in the back of my mind and then got lost (like many things do). I didn't remember it until I was looking for patterns for a Cthulhu hat. And that's when I discovered Geek Crafts.

I'm a geek. Not a full blooded geek but I know enough to be dangerous. And in comparison to most of the people I work with, I'm a "super crazy geek". I was once called that by a coworker. I took it as a compliment, which is how he meant it...I think. So Geek Crafts is right up my alley. This combines two of my favorite things, geek topics and amazing crafts. The website is filled with projects that include sewing, knitting, baking, carpentry, model-making...and many more. People submit their projects along with the occasional pattern/instructions.

Every geek topic is covered: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, video games, and so much more. The site posts on a consistent basis and almost daily I find myself looking at a new craft I want to make. Some of them are way beyond my talent. Like these Doctor Who nesting dolls below. All 11 doctors and they fit in a tardis (it's bigger on the inside).

Things like this Yoda Keychain make me want to geek myself out a bit more. I tend to downplay my geekiness, particularly at work and I think that needs to change. I could be carrying my keys along with the greatest Jedi ever (and no I don't care that the new films had him fighting. Yoda was cool even before I saw a lightsaber in his hand).

And some things just inspire me. I've been wanting to learn to sew. I think the totoro pillow below would help with that. I would be more than happy to make him as one of my first projects. Like Sackboy, when I'm excited about a project, I don't mind putting in extra hours to get it right.

Lastly, I have to stop by this crafters Etsy store. I need some Alice in Wonderland beads. Isn't this amazingly lovely? I would gladly dress myself in Tea Party garb...if it's this tea party. Geek Crafts, for the geek in all of us.


fumiko said...

Totoro!He is so populer in Japan!
I love Alice one,I really want to join that tea party.

Keith said...

I went "cool!" to every item you mentioned.

Cat B said...

Fumiko, I finally saw Totoro last year and fell in love with him. I think I wrote a blog post about it. I'll see about finding it and sharing. I love that movie. And I love Alice.

Keith, they have some incredible things. I had to share because I had the exact same reaction you did to almost everything they were posting. "Cool!!!!"