Friday, September 16, 2011

Poetry Friday

I've been scatterbrained lately. I find myself writing notes as reminders and then forgetting where I put the notes. I have a post-it filled with blog ideas on it but I seem to have lost it. Time for a good housecleaning. So instead you get a poem. It's aptly titled "We Forget".

We forget

The romances of childhood
The stories that seem endless,
that pull us in, until we too
stand with Peter Pan, gazing in wonder
At a place too perfect to be imaginary

We forget
The roses and thorns of youth
Where every possible slight
Becomes catastrophe
And nothing seems real
Nothing seems possible

We forget
Our first tastes of freedom
The rush that comes with
Letting our parents let us go
As we step into something
Far greater than ourselves.

We forget
The first blush
When attraction turns from lust
Into something far deeper
Something stronger than moon
Or tides. Something eternal.

We forget

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