Friday, March 9, 2012

A Rant

I'm in a rather frustrated mood tonight so of course I'm going to write. And publish. I'm officially tired of politics. I'm tired of national primaries, I'm tired of local politics, I'm tired of the stupid decisions that keep being passed into law, and more than anything I'm tired of unwillingness of any politician to compromise. Or even talk logically. 

I'm inundated with media that pushes the fanatics to the front and center. I hear yelling, not discourse. I hear name-calling when I should hear logic. And I hear a lot of people talking out of their asses. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of seeing legislation that has no place in our society. The whole idea of the Bill of Rights was granting rights. Not taking it away. 

So I'm chucking it all. I'm checking out of this political game. I'm tired of hearing it so I'm going to turn off my TV. I'm going to stay away from news sites. I'm going to read my books and write stories and wait for the world to become sane again. I'm going to practice common courtesy in my own life. I'm going to continue to be a vegetarian and live my principles. I'm going to be nice and polite and a good citizen. And when the idiots up in Washington or up on the hill figure out how to act like human beings again, perhaps I'll start paying attention. But until then I guarantee I'll be in a better mood. 


Deena Nicole said...

I couldn't agree more, Cat! I've always felt a bit guilty and even ignorant by staying out of politics, but then whenever I make a genuine effort to become more informed, I am reminded of why I read books instead of the newspaper, and watch movies instead of the news. I still listen to my NPR, but that's about it.... Cheers to being happy!

Cat B said...

Deena, I'm trying not to feel guilty but it's hard. I want to be informed and know what's going on but I find it depressing and frustrating. I can learn a lot through books and music. It doesn't have to be current. I just have to remind myself of that. Thanks for the support. I like the happiness that comes with reading what I want and skipping some of the politics.