Thursday, March 29, 2012

Collector of Images

The new Library at Alexandria lit up at night

I have a number of collections that I keep. I mentioned before my rather unusual collections in a post a while ago. I collect books certainly. I wrote about my nearly obsessive journal collection here. But currently my favorite collection, at least the one I'm adding to the most frequently, is a collection of images that I like. I have computer folders and paper folders filled with images. Some are illustrations. Some are photographs. Some are just plain silly. But I keep gathering them.

 An image from Coran Stone's Calvin and Hobbes story that I have to find the rest of.

 A bookcase that makes me happy

I should really just start a Pinterest account. Then I could keep all my images in one place. I could access them any time I want. But I don't. Part of me is worried about the time suck of the account. Like Facebook I worry that the site will be too addictive. I don't need another online place to waste time. I already have enough with Facebook and the over 90 blogs and webcomics that I subscribe to. So instead I just save the images and hoard them.

A librarian image that makes me happy.

Some characters I drew as possible villians in a
graphic novel I want to write (someone else will illustrate it).

Some of them I share here. If I find an artist I like I tend to share their work. But some of them simply molder away in a file folder, never to be shared or seen by anyone but me. And today I started wondering about the usefulness of that (plus I'm having a terrible day and needed fun images to make it better). So this post is really just to share some of the images I've collected and enjoy. There is no theme here. Just some images that make me happy. Welcome to my rather eclectic mind.

A treehouse I took from Lovely Listings that made me think of stories I read as a child.

Shaun Tan's waterbuffalo from Tales from Outer Suburbia

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