Monday, May 28, 2012

Little Wonders

I'm listening to Rob Thomas's song Little Wonders on repeat on my computer. It's my third time through. I think I'm trying to force the message into my head. It's Memorial Day. Jeff is out golfing and I keep flitting from thing to thing. I keep feeling that I should be productive. In fact I always feel like I should be productive. One of the stupid parts of my practical (some say too practical) nature. So today I'm reminding myself that it is all about those small quiet hours that make me so happy. And instead of being practical and productive I'm sitting on the front porch with a good dark beer and my notebook jotting down any silly thing that comes into my head. It feels good.

But I know that I've been shirking my blog. It had started to feel like work. And I don't want that. I have a billion or so posts to write (I might be give to hyperbole) but for today, I will just leave you with this. Happy start of summer. Remember that it's all about those small sweet moments.

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