Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm apparently having a bit of trouble focusing. My last post was just random things I've learned last week. The previous post was about why I wasn't posting. And this post is most likely going to be a set of random things that are striking me this evening. So without further ado, here's my brain.

I worked out the last two nights instead of blogging. Yesterday I worked out so intensely that I was dripping with sweat. Literally dripping. Ewww huh? I took a quick shower last night and then dropped into bed. Even with the warm room and the outside noise I slept like a baby. This morning I woke up and was wide awake instantly. I bounded out of bed, sang in the shower, dressed quickly, and then drove in to work with a huge smile on my face. I felt incredible. I was just more alert. For the record that lasted until 3 this afternoon. Stupid 3 p.m. slump.

Last night I also got a chance to see Erik Larson speak. He was in town as part of our library's AVID program, Authors Visiting in Des Moines (yes I know that should be AVIDM, but really that's just not as cool). He didn't do much reading, but instead he talked to us. He told us about his inspiration, his research (his books are meticulously researched), and his previous experiences as a writer and a presenter. He had a great sense of humor along with a great sense of history. After the talk he signed books. I had brought Isaac's Storm for him to sign but my mother presented me with a copy of his new book In The Garden of Beasts so I got that one signed. Now I can't wait to read it.

Tonight I've got laundry to do and then I'm planning to finish my current book. I've noticed lately that many of my books are focusing on frozen climates (must be because the weather has been so nice). I'm currently working on Rowing To Latitude by Jill Fredston which is about her and her husband's summer trips rowing in areas around the Arctic Circle. They have seen whales up close, encountered bears, and dealt with both pack ice and glaciers. Suddenly I want to learn to row. And I want to travel along these shores. I love the wildness areas they see and wouldn't mind finding my way there. Before that I was reading The Adventurer's Handbook which touched on Arctic and Antarctic exploration. Jeff and I have been enjoying Frozen Planet (except for the exploration segment. Too many inaccuracies for my taste). I thrilled at the discussions of Svalbard and Norway in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series. I'm sure I'm forgetting something snow and ice related but it just seems that its been a major focus for a while.

Lastly I leave you with a random tufted titmouse, contemplating his toes. Not sure why. It's just more randomness.

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