Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'll see you in court!

It's pretty rare when the words in the title are followed up by anything pleasant. But today was a bit of an exception. As I headed out to work this morning I told Jess that I'd see her in court. And we both had smiles on our faces. 

Today Jess' name change became legal. We filed the paperwork in September and had been waiting for the courts to set a date. I'd already sent back my notarized form saying that I was aware of the name change and didn't object. But Jess' lawyer thought it would be best if I was present just in case there were any questions. I'm glad I was there to support Jess. We were both questioned lightly but by the lawyer. The judge was all smiles. It's not often that a judge gets to make someone's day. 

All and all the process took 20 minutes, not counting the waiting to have a court date set. Everyone (at least in Iowa) is allowed one legal name change without cost. Jess has just used hers. And I don't think I've ever seen a smile so radiant. How often can you say you spent part of the day in court and ended up happy?


Keith said...

Congratulations, Jess! Another milestone completed!

Cat B said...

Thanks Keith! I'll pass your congratulations on to her.

Shawnette said...

I haven't been on your site for months, and I'm sorry I just read this update now. I'm sorry as this comment is much delayed, but I'm so elated that things have been going well for you both. Congratulations Jess! Continued best wishes to you both.

Cat B said...

I clearly haven't been on my site for months either. It's been almost two months since I logged in. Thank you for the congratulations. I'll pass them on to Jess. And thank you for your acceptance of her. It means a lot to both of us. Hope to see you at Mondo.