Friday, November 14, 2014

We Aren't Really Party People

My father is retiring in January. He's worked for the same medical group since he finished his residency in 1975. My father has never missed a day of work due to weather. He's been a valued part of the hospital and I'm constantly told how wonderful he is.

To celebrate his retirement my sister started planning a party for him. A gathering where we would invite all of his coworkers, and all of our family, and my parent's friends to celebrate his long and productive career. She started planning the party..., until she talked to my dad about it. And he thanked her for the idea but said, "we're not really party people."

When my sister told me what he'd said I was a little surprised. My dad is outgoing, often the one telling jokes at any gathering. But at the same time this is true. We aren't party people. As a family it is rare for us to have a party. I know my parents had their friends over when we were younger but it was never what I would call a party. Birthday parties normally took place at a location outside the house (think Chuck E. Cheese). And tonight we'll be going out to dinner to celebrate my birthday.

It's strange but I don't feel like I missed out on anything by not having parties when we were younger. I'm more than happy to celebrate life events with a good dinner and some time with family. I'm introverted enough that parties are stressful and I often want to flee shortly after arriving. It's not that I don't like people, I just get overwhelmed. I think my childhood would have been stressful had we been party people. But we aren't. So we'll celebrate my dad's retirement with a family gathering, getting all the kids together for a weekend. And tonight, I'll celebrate my birthday with a glass of wine and a great dinner. And that sounds perfect.

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