Sunday, February 21, 2010

Poetry Sunday

I know it's supposed to be Poetry Friday but I was going through some old files and found an old poem of mine. I wrote this back in college and was pretty proud of it then. I'm not sure what I think about it now. But thought I'd share some older work.


Half a minute
of stagnant silence
becomes an eternity
of waiting.
Rustling nervously,
you toy with the menu
and a nearly empty coffee cup.

Thoughts race
through my mind.
What should I mention?
What should I say?
Just two strangers,
waiting for a train,
of thought.

You flip open the menu
for the fiftieth time,
and comment
on the Eggs Benedict,
hoping to catch a spark.

I hate eggs I say,
and you laugh.
We’re here
for breakfast you know.
I drop my eyes
and the topic dies.

You pour sugar
into another cup of coffee.
And finally,
you grow bored
of drinking.
and leave.

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