Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Quick Plea to Mother Nature

I'm calling Uncle!!! I've had enough with winter now. Now normally by the time that February rolls around I'm starting to be tired of winter. But this year I had reached that by Christmas. This is just overkill.

This is my front patio. Buried under there is my air conditioner. Somewhere.

It has been completely buried under snow since December 8th. And tonight and tomorrow we are supposed to get 6 more inches. I've started looking for houses in Florida. So I'm offering a plea to Mother Nature. I like Iowa. I wouldn't mind staying a couple more years. But she's offering me little choice. I'm officially done with winter.


Corrine said...

I hear you, Cat! I am anxiously looking forward to spring. It can't arrive soon enough...

Cat B said...

I keep hoping that March is good. But with the amount of snow we have on the ground, I'm worried we won't see green grass until May.