Monday, February 22, 2010

Roof Ice

About a year ago I did a post on eating icicles and in that post I used a picture, that I found and "borrowed", of some rather impressive looking icicles. Today I'm posting more icicle pictures but these are not borrowed shots. These are shots that Jeff took not a half hour ago. They are my record of what this winter has been like. And a record of how ice has slowly, steadily, taken over my house.

These are from the roof of my two story house and are starting to reach the lower windows.

Here are some that have traveled from one roof to another.

This is a poor lilac bush in front of our house which is being eaten by ice.

And this is your very humble writer, on crutches, after her first time driving the new car. Heck, my first time driving in almost two months. I'm not ready to drive on my own yet, still a bit scared, but Jeff gave me the option to drive to dinner and I reluctantly accepted. Baby steps.

By the way, the railing you see there is about waist high. Two days ago I couldn't see it at all.


Lonster said...

You shouldn't be getting ice like that unless there's some unusual melting. Possible causes include lack of sufficient insulation in the roof, or your house facing south or west (the extra sun really can do that). Do you notice sections of the roof clear off before the others? That'd be a prime candidate for insufficient insulation under that section (whereas, if the sun were doing it, it'd be pretty even throughout).

Cat B said...

The house faces east so I'm going to go with a lack of insulation. It's been a while since either of us have been in the attic. And the builders were a little skimpy on some materials. The top of the roof, the acme for you crossword fans, is completely clear. Most of the middle units facing east have the same thing. Any of them facing west have no ice.