Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Animated Chemistry

As I'm sure I've mentioned before I've become completely addicted to Neatorama. I've added it to my news bookmarks and go there daily for a bit of inspiration, entertainment, or education. It's just like the magazine Mental Floss, which my sister has been working (and succeeding) on getting me to read.

The last couple of days or so, Neatorama has featured animation from some young animators. And after watching today's feature, I simply had to share. The image above is from Oxygen, the story of a young oxygen molecule trying to make friends at his elementary school, with some odd, and very funny results (click the link for the full 2 minute animated film). My favorite part was his interactions with Barium. If my chemistry class had been as funny as this short was I probably would have paid better attention in class. The animation is the work of Christopher Hendryx and was his graduation project for Ringling College of Art and Design. This is a must see for any science fan, or heck, anyone who likes to laugh (and learn). Short, sweet, and very funny.

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