Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's All Relative

On Thursday night, Jeff and I had dinner with my aunt and uncle and the rest of my in-town family. We had a fantastic time getting together. Late that night my father and uncle boarded a bus to take them fishing in Canada, leaving my aunt in Des Moines with my mom. Having my aunt here, lead to possibly one of the most family filled weekends I've had in a long time. It was a blast but wow am I exhausted.

On Thursday it was dinner and talking until pretty late. On Friday night Jeff and I had dinner with my mom and aunt and then took my aunt out to the local baseball game. We had beautiful seats on one of the most perfect weather nights I can remember. There were fireworks after the game and then we drove her around the city a little before dropping her home to my mom. She had a blast and even though it wasn't her beloved White Sox, it was an exciting enough game to keep her interested. She even almost caught a foul ball (instead she ended up with a bruised elbow).

On Saturday we picked up my mother and her sister and the four of us headed out to the Des Moines Art Festival. Despite the fact that it was egg-fryingly hot, we wandered among the booths for a couple hours and my mother even bought a gorgeous handmade kaleidoscope. I debated heavily about some amazing steampunk bird sculptures but in the end didn't have the money to buy. Those might become a regret.

After lunch at Centro, we headed out to the other Des Moines art fair (yes there are two competing fairs in one weekend) where my mother bought me a beautiful piece of artwork that uses handpoured pewter leaves. I've already hung it up. It was just stunning. Thanks Mom!! After both artfairs we were all wiped out. We headed back to my mom's place to have a light dinner and play some board games.

Sunday was supposed to be Jeff and my day but my mother called with an offer I couldn't refuse. We went to the zoo and had a great time. There have been so many changes in the last year at the zoo. Jeff and I were there in the fall last year. This trip, there were areas that I didn't recognize. Amazing. It just keeps getting better and better. The highlights were the beautiful birds that wandered right up to us in the discovery center. Particularly the Victoria Crowned Pigeon which was easily the size of a wild turkey and appeared to have no fear of us (see below). After the zoo we dropped the ladies off and spent a quiet evening cleaning the house. I'm so far behind on getting things done. Of course I'd have to be home at some point for things to get done.

On Monday we decided to do a girl's day since my sister was off work. We went shopping for our upcoming trip and ended up picking up a number of nice things. I bought a ring and a new travel bag. Then after a nice sushi dinner, Jeff and I headed out to the library. Of course the moment I brought my new books home I was lost. Nothing got done the rest of the night as I sat on the couch and read. It was an amazing weekend, filled to the brim. But now I'm exhausted. And ready for things to return to normal. Just a couple more days.

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