Monday, November 29, 2010

New Feeder

I've been meaning to write about my birthday present from my parents and just hadn't taken the time yet. But I've been enjoying it on a daily basis and figured I'd finally share my new toy. You know you're old when you ask for a new bird feeder for your birthday. Well I'm officially old. And I couldn't love my new feeder more.

The squirrels had destroyed my last one. In one swipe of a paw they had sent it flying to the ground and broke it. When asked by my parents, Jeff had mentioned I wanted a new finch feeder. And not just any finch feeder, an antimicrobial feeder from Wild Birds Unlimited. So I went without for almost two weeks waiting for my birthday. When I opened my gift I knew instantly what I was getting. But I didn't realize that they would include the great rain cover. I hung it up the very next day.

I filled my new feeder with Finch Feed from Wild Birds Unlimited and look what I get. Finches!! Those are five goldfinches (in their winter plumage) eating at my feeder. What you don't see are the three others on top of the hook, the woodpecker waiting his turn, and two chickadees that are waiting for an opening. I have a constant stream of birds. The only ones who haven't come back are the cardinals. Oh..and the squirrels. I watched a squirrel come up to the feeder, sniff it, and walk away. I don't think I have to worry about this new feeder.


Wild Birds Unlimited Mid-Michigan said...

When we opened a Wild Birds Unlimited store I was surprised by all the comments that birdfeeding was for old people.

Watching birds was my favorite thing to do as a child! Birds can fly, see ultraviolet light, sense the earth’s magnetic field, navigate using subtle changes in barometric pressure, and survive in the harshest weather. And yet most people go about their lives without ever looking at these amazing creatures.

My grandparents were never interested until last year when I finally forced my my 94 year old grandma to put up a feeder. Now she loves to birdwatch too.

Happy birthday! You're not old!! You're just an interesting person that doesn't overlook the beauty of the world.

If you do have any problems with the bird feeder, it's lifetime guaranteed. Wild Birds Unlimited will fix it or replace it for free.

You have a wonderful day,

Cat B said...

Thanks Sarah! I'll have to visit your store if I'm ever up in your neck of the woods.

I love the lifetime guarantee but I love the finch food even more. The birds just flock to it. Wild Bird Unlimited is such a great set of stores.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I don't think I'm old or feel old. And I don't believe that birdwatching or feeding is only for older people. In fact my favorite part about birding is that it is for all ages. And that it allows me to spend more time outside.

I think it's great that you've been birding since you were a kid. I started a bit late so I'm still trying to catch up. They are amazing creatures. Beautiful and intelligent. Such beauty in life.

Thanks again!

Salt said...

Makes me wonder what happens to birds when the Earth's magnetic field switches.

Cat B said...

Salt, I'm not sure you need to worry about that...yet. And we'll be just as confused. We may suddenly start migrating. Oh wait...I'm thinking about that already.

Anonymous said...

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Cat B said...


Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm glad you've enjoyed the blog and added it to your favorites. I just write about whatever interests me and I'm glad it interests you too. Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading.