Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Health News

This break has been one of the most difficult and frustrating things in my life. I don't even want to admit the number of times that I've thought about just staying in and not leave the house for the next couple months. I've thought about never leaving the couch unless I had to. I've been in pain, afraid, and frustrated by hauling myself around on my hands. I've nearly fallen from the crutches hundreds of times. Anyone who tells you that crutches are no big deal is lying...or selling you something.

But with all this frustrating something else has happened. I'm amazed at how easily I can be made happy. The first time I dressed myself with the boot on was a moment of joy. The first time I opened a door on my own I was texting Jeff to share my excitement. When I first learned the step to get into the house, I was practically in tears with joy. I've become easy to please.

And today was a great day. I went to the doctor and finally got my staples out. The wounds are healing well and soon I won't be needing gauze or the ace bandage. But even better news was that I can start bending my ankle. In fact I should be working nightly to bend and flex the foot to improve mobility. The first time the doctor helped me bend my foot back felt bizarre. Apparently my ankle has forgotten how to move.

And that wasn't even the best news. The big thing is that I can finally start putting weight on the foot. I'm shocked!!! Two weeks after surgery and I can start putting 10-20 pounds on the foot. That's enough to use my leg to steady myself. I'm four legged now. And I'm so thankful. It took Jeff months before he could step on his foot again (he didn't have surgery) and I'm starting to walk after just two weeks. I could have kissed my doctor when he said it. And I'm on a perpetual high today. Yesterday I hardly left the couch if I didn't have to (I've been having a lot of pain in my hands) and today I'm up and moving as often as possible. I would say that I'm easy to please but this was just way too good of information. I feel like I'm really on the road to recovery now.


Lonster said...

I know you, and you're a wonderful friend, but you made a small error:

Anyone who tells you crutches are no big deal probably has some coordination. :-)

Cat B said...

Hehehe. And you do know me. Enough to know that I don't have any coordination. Well at least not much. I'm pretty sure if I hadn't fallen on the ice I would have eventually tripped over my own feet and done the same thing. :-)

Although I'd still be interested to know of anyone over the age of 25 (kids don't count, they're completely fearless) who had no problem adapting to crutches.

Lonster said...

Eh. I learned when I was under 25, so I guess I don't count. However, I didn't learn how to walk with a cane until I was nearly 30.

It's a longer story than a blog comment could contain.

Cat B said...

Okay this is a story I'll have to hear. I didn't know anything about this. Perhaps next time I see you. Or drop me an email.

And you have way more coordination than I do. I'm not surprised that you mastered them instantly.

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