Thursday, April 29, 2010

Strange and Wonderful Art

As you all know I've become something of an Art fanatic in the last couple years. I actively scour the internet for new and interesting artists. I read art blogs daily to find new artforms and new artists. In my desk at home I have stacks and stacks of post-it notes with artist names and still I look for more. And recently I've taken to hovering in the art section of the magazine racks looking for an art magazine that would offer some new and unique artists. I know that ArtNews tends to be the standard but only about half of the work they cover is stuff I'm interested in.

But I think I've finally found my magazine. Last weekend Jeff and I were at Barnes and Noble and I wandered over to the magazine rack just to check things out. I was glancing over the titles when this image below caught my eye.

This is the work of James Jean, whose work I was only slightly familiar with. I picked up the magazine, Hi Fructose, and flipped through the first couple pages. And by the time I actually reached the table of contents, I was hooked. I love modern art and this is modern at its most strange and wonderful. With a touch of creepy thrown in. Every artist interested me. The ads alone made me want to seek out the artists. It was filled with a nice mix of media. I learned a bit more about James Jean who might be my favorite out of the issue although the sculpture of Kate MacDowell is fascinating. See image below

It was strange because going to the website for Hi Fructose I remember that I picked up last months issue as well and was enchanted, although at that time I didn't have the cash to buy it. So I think I've found my art magazine. Strange, beautiful, modern, and unique. Everything I want in a magazine. And in an art style.

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