Monday, April 26, 2010

Sushi for Vegetarians

I had a fantastic weekend of writing, reading, and relaxing. Other than dinner on Friday and breakfast out both Saturday and Sunday (a rare treat) I never left the house. It was a rainy weekend and I was quite content to stay in. We slept with the windows open and I fell asleep both nights listening to the rain. I wrote four blog posts, read three books, and pretended to do some real writing and drawing. Overall it was a productive weekend that ended up being incredibly relaxing.

On Friday I had plans with my little sister to go out to dinner. We had some family things that we had to talk over and what better time to do that than over the dinner table. She'd left the choice of location up to me and I spent most of Friday wracking my brain as to where to go. Finally that afternoon I texted her with my answer, Miyabi 9, the best sushi place in Des Moines. It certainly doesn't hurt that it's within walking distance of my office. She loves the place too and responded back quickly with something that sounded to me like Yum!! Of Course!

My always thinking little sister got there early and snagged us a table (not always possible without a huge wait on a Friday night). We ordered beers and started studying the list of rolls. Now I know what you have to be thinking right now. Yes I'm a vegetarian. No that doesn't mean that I can't have sushi. What it means is that I can't have any fish. What my limited four year Japanese education taught me is that sushi is vinegared rice with seaweed. Properly done it is possibly the best dish on the face of the earth. Raw fish, which often goes with sushi, is called sashimi. I'm welcome to eat sushi, just without any sashimi.

My sister sweetly agreed to go vegetarian with me that evening and gave me carte blanche to order. And apparently order I did. What seemed like just a couple rolls on paper turned into an entire tableful of rolls. The count we took before diving in was 48 pieces. I wish I could tell you that we finished everything on the table. I know we both gave it an incredibly valiant effort. But that is a lot of rice, a lot of cucumber, and way more avocado than anyone should eat in one sitting. It was amazing. Emilie found her new favorite vegetarian roll (avocado-cucumber) and I gorged myself on tempura yam rolls. Mmmm. A to go box was in order and we promptly packed up the leftovers for her to have as dinner the next day. After dinner we headed out to my favorite coffee house in the city, Rituals for a little decaf and some continued conversation. It was a wonderful night and I have to thank my sister for it. Love you little sis. Thanks.


Emilie said...

All my love to you big sister. I'll let you pick the sushi any day (of course maybe next time I'll censure the numbers). I had a great time and loved seeing you, as always!

Cat B said...

Thanks my dear. Probably a good idea to keep my appetite in check. But it was a ridiculously funny amount of food. :-)