Thursday, April 15, 2010

Winging My Way North

I am sitting over my lunch hour anxiously watching the clock. In three hours I will be heading out of the office for a physical therapy appointment. After that I'll have dinner with Jeff at our favorite Mongolian BBQ place and then I go home to pack. Tomorrow afternoon we'll be winging our way north. I have a four day weekend and am getting out of town for a convention. I'm incredibly excited.

Every year Jeff and I go to Minneapolis for the annual Mondo Juggling Fest. The festival offers jugglers a chance to get together, work on their tricks, learn new skills, and show off. Jeff and I can juggle three balls and Jeff has taught himself the basics of club juggling. My hope is to refine my contact juggling skills and learn how to pass. Jeff's balance board quickly became a group favorite last year. Although we have a ton of fun learning the juggling tricks, the big draw is seeing friends and spending the day just relaxing and hanging out. We have a great group of friends up in the Cities and love any chance we have of getting together. Other than one year when we were in Hawaii, Jeff and I have made the trek faithfully, sometimes through some pretty terrible weather.

This year I'm really excited that the convention is being held in April rather than the usual February. I'm excited to see friends. But I'm also excited to be getting out of town. Jeff and I typically travel heavily in the winter. This winter, because of my foot, we've been home and the cabin fever had started to kick in. We haven't been out of town since Christmas. I'm excited and it just seems like the hours aren't passing fast enough. So there will be no post tomorrow (I'll be on the road) and most likely no posts until Monday. Then I'll have lots of pictures for you. I'll even try to get some video of the unicycle hockey game that always starts up. Or some cool juggling trick I noticed. But mostly you'll get pictures of friends (some of which read this blog) who may or may not be doing some fun juggling.

If by any chance you happen to be in the area, stop by and check the festival out. The $5 entrance fee will get you a lot of cool juggling and unicycle tricks and some even better people watching.


Salt said...

I'm going to learn 5 ball (solo) or 7 club (passing) if it kills me this year.

New this year: Volleyclub!

Two teams of jugglers divide up as in a game of volleyball. Then, one side "serves" a club, and wacky hyjinks ensue!

Also, don't forget club combat! There are a lot of things to photo-document!

Dan Cook said...

Really bummed that I can't make Mondo this year... but I'll see you guys afterward!