Thursday, May 13, 2010

Any Vacancies?

I've become a huge fan of Neatorama recently. It posts several times a day with bizarre, unique, and interesting news stories/articles from around the Internet. It will summarize the actual article, offer a picture, and then links directly to the source. I tend to prefer it over other sites because it doesn't just recycle others material as its own. The only problem I've found with the site, is that once I start clicking, the interesting stories seem to lead to more interesting stories. I can lose whole days just following their links.
A couple of days ago they had a link for some of the more unique hotels in the world. The story included information on a wine cask hotel in the Netherlands, a hotel in Costa Rica built out of plane, an undersea lodge in Puerto Rico, and the one I fixated on, Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin, Germany. The image the site chose for an example wasn't the best but I was intrigued by the idea of a hotel where every room has a theme. Now you'll say that you've heard of these theme hotels before. Where one room is a fairy land with castle included, the next has a western theme, one has an undersea motif, and so on. This isn't like that. These are not motifs and they are certainly not cheesy.

All of the rooms are pretty tastefully appointed although some of them may not sit well with the more puritanical American ideas. Many of them are very simple rooms, a single bed in a spartan room with pictures of the ocean on either side, an interesting forest room where the bed is outlined with tree stumps. These are fun and unique. But many of the rooms have a bit of an edge to them. One room offers a stage along one of the walls with curtain and single chair set up in front. Another (pictured below) had a platform with a cage on it with a bit of a dungeon look.

My favorite room was a hammock type room where the bed was suspended well off the floor. The industrial look appealed to me although with all the wires and boards holding the bed up there was little room for anything else. Others have a more classic look. Or these was a prison cell complete with drop down bed and stand alone toilet. This is humorously named The Freedom Room.

One room was filled with mirrors tilted at every angle with a single bed in the middle. Another offered just a queen sized white bed lit entirely with blue lights. Others were a bit on the creepy side. This more interesting design offers a split bed that doesn't encourage cuddling. A gigantic guillotine rests right in the middle.

This is clearly a destination hotel and I would think would only be comfortable for a night or two. But I can easily see myself booking a night or two there. The only problems would be figuring out which room to choose. Too many choices!

Images pulled from Unique Hotels of the World. Click the hotel name above to see the rest of the rooms.


Josh said...

Sounds like a week of vacation with a different room every night!

Cat B said...

Ohh that's a great idea. I wonder if you can book it to stay in each of the rooms. Although there are a couple of them that might be a little too odd, even for me.

Emilie said...

I spent two hours on Neatorama yesterday. Thanks always for the blog tips.

Cat B said...

Glad you enjoyed. Seriously it's addictive, isn't it? And it posts about a billion times a day so you should pretty much never run out of reading material.