Thursday, May 6, 2010

Notebook Heaven

I can sometimes think of myself as a technologically savvy person. Many of my coworkers ask me for technical help and I figure I know enough to be somewhat dangerous. But in comparison to most of the people I know, I'm pretty low on the tech scale. I can't build my own computer, I can't write code, and I'm still trying to master simple things like html. So for others I'm considered tech wise, and for others I'm still very much learning. So it's strange to say that when it comes to writing, I'm something of a luddite. I've been writing in paper journals for decades now and am not planning to give up the practice anytime soon. My mother was trying to talk me into buying a iPad for my journaling (strange since she doesn't ever use the computer or really know how to turn it on). But I'm stubborn on this point. If I'm not handwriting my journal I'm typing it on an old manual typewriter. It's just how I roll. :-)

This morning I picked up my purse to head out the door and realized that I probably have at least 10 pounds of stuff in it. No wonder my neck hurts lately. And I did an inventory before I left the house. I carry a notebook for journaling. It's nothing fancy, in fact I bought it at Target. It has owls on it and I feel okay writing any crap I can think of into it. I don't feel like my writing has to be good to live up to a beautiful journal. Next to that journal I have my food journal. This is where I write down what I eat and how many calories it has. Next to that is my day planner. I have the Sierra club, weekly calendar that I've been using to track my personal appointments. And when I've been good at keeping my calories down I add a sticker for the day. So for those of you keeping track at home, that's three notebooks. But I'm sadly not done yet.

I also have started carrying a sketchbook. I'd been doodling in my journaling notebook but the lines and the thinness of the paper annoys me. So I happened to be at Walgreens and grabbed an inexpensive sketchbook. I have my pencil and click eraser tucked into the spiral binding so everything is ready when I want it. And lastly I have a tiny little notebook, not much larger than the palm of my hand, that I use to write down things I want to remember. Quotes I've heard, book and movie recommendations, artists I like, pretty much anything that comes to mind that isn't long enough for a journal article. This one is a tiny little spiral bound notebook with a penguin on it (did I mention I'm a small child at heart?). And of course the rest of my purse is dedicated to those things that I actually need to carry around with me: keys, phone, wallet.

So if I've been wondering why my purse is so heavy lately, that is the reason. I have five different notebooks that I carry with me. I should consolidate them down. I should journal in my sketchbook or write my notes in the planner. I should use the food journal as my day planner. Than I would only have two journals. But the sad part is that I like having all these things. I like having different journals for different things. I know that an iPhone or Blackberry would take care of most of these for me. But I can't come around to that mentality. Writing-wise I'm a luddite. Plus if I moved to an electronic gadget, what would I do with all those fun and pretty journals I keep buying? And I can't stop buying those, can I? :-)


Salt said...

See, if you had a tablet, you could do all those things on one thing.

Probably weighs more than 5 notebooks, though.

Cat B said...

What I can't do with a tablet is touch type. I've tried their keyboard and it's terrible. I would have to go to a hunting and pecking style. Bleh!

Plus,and this is just me, I love the feel of paper and the feeling of the pen scratching across it.

Salt said...

I'll see if I can find you a textured screen protector. :-)

Josh said...

Technology is wonderful and all, but sometimes there's just something about the feeling of physically writing (But five notebooks is a bit much....).

Cat B said...

@Salt, and hopefully some less touchy keys. aslckfdopjeks;ajkd;j :-)

@Josh, Yeah I have to start thinking about cutting back. At least to save my neck. But I'm not getting rid of my journals completely. I love paper. I love journals. And for me, it's the only way to write.

Dan Cook said...

What I'm trying to figure out is how you have time to blog with all that other writing you're doing?!

Cat B said...

Thanks Dan! Blogging is my fun writing, it doesn't really feel like work to me. Sadly I don't keep up with all my blogs as much as I would like to.