Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm a Follower

First and foremost you need to know that I'm a web-junkie. The internet is a bit like crack to me. I'm completely hooked. I jump from website to website, often losing track of my original path as I fall further and further down the rabbit hole. It's really a wonder that I get anything done. One discovery leads to another and then another until hours have gone by and I have no idea where the time has gone. I read at least 30 webcomics daily and my list of blogs that I read grows by the day.

It used to take me way too long to keep track of all those, particularly since so many blogs only update occasionally. But I would check each daily to see whether they had posted anything new. That is until I discovered the magic button that took away all that lost time. Of course I'm talking about the Follow button. If you aren't following the blogs you read, you're really wasting tons of time. For those of you with Gmail/Google accounts, this is as simple as logging into to Google and going to your dashboard. That has your RSS feed that will allow you to see which blogs have updated and when. No more checking needlessly.

I started by following the blogspot websites. They were easy. I would just click the follow button and add them to my list. But I was so frustrated that I couldn't follow other blogs. That I still had to manually check them. That is until I discovered the add feature. As long as a blog offers an RSS feed, it can be followed. It doesn't matter which platform it falls under. You simply need to go to your dashboard, click on the add button by the blogs you follow, and insert the URL. Done. Now I only have one or two sites (those without feeds) that I have to check manually.

I can't even begin to tell you how much time this simple tool has saved me. No more hunting to see when people update. No more going to websites needlessly. Instead just one click on the blog name (or the post name for those only interested in the one listing) and you're there. So what can I say, I'm a follower. But it makes my web addiction just a little more tolerable.


Dan Cook said...

I've done the same thing for blogs, but I hadn't realized you could use the RSS feature.

I'll have to try that!

Cat B said...

It made my internet reading so much simpler. As long as they have a feed, you can read...er...follow. Sorry brain switched to Seuss for a moment.