Monday, October 11, 2010

Just a Little Tilted

I've been talking about photography a lot at work lately. Our new IT guy shoots photography in his spare time and my boss has a business selling art photography and t-shirts (more on that later). One of my conversations today about photography turned interesting. While I was waiting for my computer to have some software installed this afternoon, I was talking with Jeff, our new desktop guy and he happened to mention making miniatures. The conversation went a little something like this.

Him: It's like creating miniatures in photo.
Me: You mean tilt-shift?
Him: Exactly, how do you know about tilt-shift?
Me: Are you kidding, I'm fascinated by that type of photography. What types of things have you done?
Him: I've taken a couple downtown shots. I just have fun with it.
Me: You'll have to bring them in to show me. I would love to see them. It's something I've always wanted to learn.
Him: It's actually really easy. I can show you how to create them.

At this point I'm salivating. Not only does he do tilt-shift work but he'd be willing to show me how to do it. Of the long list of things that I would like to learn, this is right there at the top. Of course now that means I'll have to actually take some real photos. And pick up photoshop.

If you've forgotten, tilt-shift photography is taking photographs, blurring the edges and creating miniature scenes from real landscapes. It is taking what are often sweeping aerial views and making them look like models. I've posted some Olivo Barbieri images before but here are some other tilt shift images to get your imagination going.

I'll check with Jeff to see if I can post some of his images.


Keith said...

Great. Now I have to take a tilt-shift picture of the Twins Stadium.

(We get a great view of it from our office.)

Cat B said...

Can you watch the afternoon games from the office? That would be incredible.

Do you know how to create them? If you do, heck yes take those photos and shift them. And then share them with me. I'd love to see your results. I'll let you know when I learn. I'm pretty excited about it.

Keith said...

Unfortunately, we can't see the field. We're looking straight into the stands. But man oh man can we see the crowds on game days.