Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Old Photos

Wednesdays are my knitting nights so I have no time to post this evening. So instead I'm treating you (please note the sarcasm) to two of my favorite old pictures. That way I feel like I posted, and you get something to look at.

Yeah I know that you probably don't really want to see my baby pictures, but it's my blog damn it.

Me in my favorite pose, reading, with my "who made this man a gunner" look. Yeah I was cross-eyed in all of my baby pictures. I was also blonde.

I'm not sure what I'm doing in this photo (or if I want to know), waiting for Kasparov to show up perhaps?


Emilie Grzybowski said...

You always were adorable. And still are.

Cat B said...

Thanks Sis! I'm not sure about that but I love these pictures. You were always the adorable one.