Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Special Talent

I had a conversation this afternoon that got me thinking. My boss and I were chatting about things we're good at and he asked what my special talent was. And it threw me completely for a loop. I sat there dumbfounded. I struggled to think of something that I'm really fantastic at or something which surprises me about myself. I stammered out an answer that somewhat makes sense to me: I'm awfully good at telling stories. I make them up daily and tell them to myself, often in the car. But I rarely write them down.

But as I was driving home I started thinking about the things I'm good at. I'm a decent writer and an exceptional reader. I'm great at writing academic papers (a talent that's underused outside of academia). I'm a fairly decent knitter and I'm working to improve. I can juggle although not always with grace. And that's when it hit me.

I'm a terrific zombie. Being a zombie is my special talent. Now you're probably wondering how often one gets to use a talent like that. And I would have to answer every time my nephews and niece come to town. Our favorite game is to chase either other with Nerf guns or swords. Almost inevitably sometime during the game I will get killed. And then it's my turn to shine. I drag my left foot behind me (not a tough task for me), contort my face into a hideous expression (also not hard), and make a horrible guttural moan that has them running and screaming. I normally chase them until my voice gives out or until I get the magic kiss that turns me back human again. And then they beg me to start over.

So that's it. I'm a decent writer, storyteller, reader, juggler, knitter, and paper writer. But I'm an incredible zombie. Luckily this kind of talent has longevity. Who knows I may come back as a even better one. I've had a lot of practice.

What's your special talent?


Keith said...

I have a peculiar talent for getting people at work to read my emails. As a result, I've become the unofficial spokesperson for the IT department.

How cool is that? I write something snarky to a multi-floor office full of attorneys, and they reply back with "I love your emails!"

Cat B said...

Very cool! That is actually quite a talent. Having been recently moved to IT, I know how often my emails don't get read. Perhaps I need to be a bit more snarky.

I could imagine your emails would be much more fun than the standard office fare.