Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Cards

I hate how every holiday now has cards. It used to be that you would see cards for Christmas, Valentines, Mother's Day, and a couple of Easter cards, but that was about it. And I was fine with those options. I didn't need more cards to send out. And then the card companies figured out that the more holidays there are, the more cards people buy. And they went nuts. You can send out Arbor Day cards, Columbus Day cards, President's Day cards.... So when I noticed that stores were starting to stock Halloween cards I just shook my head and walked by. Hallmark cards for Halloween...really...Really???

So why was I standing in Target last week picking up two Halloween cards that I know that I'll never send out? I bought two cards for the most useless card giving holiday ever. And they now proudly adorn my table. I show them to random people and now I'm blogging about them. What happened to me?

I'll offer a little whine to make me feel better about it. I didn't want to buy the cards but Jeff made me. We were walking through Target when he told me that we had to buy some Halloween cards. When I shot him an incredulous look, he just smiled. "Wait until you see these," he promised. "You'll buy them." So, like an idiot I stood in front of the Halloween card display and picked through them. I felt almost guilty. I wondered if people around me weren't staring at me thinking, "she's buying Halloween cards?" But then I picked up the ones he was talking about. Two Terry Border creations. And of course I carried them up to the checkout proudly. I even hoped that the cashier would see them and comment (I'm petty that way).

As you guys probably know, I love Terry Border's work. His Bent Objects have made me laugh and think and be amazed. He's just so incredibly talented and odd (and I mean that in the nicest way). I've talked about him here, and here, and here. So of course I have to support him. It doesn't hurt that these two are some of his best work. Zombies is one of my favorite images of his and Halloween Candy Corn is a classic. Well worth the couple of bucks. Even if it meant sacrificing my dignity to buy Halloween cards. I better hope he doesn't start making Arbor Day cards.


Anonymous said...

An alternative is to send a message with a pic attached. Save that card!

Cat B said...

Good idea! You're right. I think these are too awesome to give away.