Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Knitting Night Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I've spent most of the evening out knitting. That means I'm energized but it's way to late to do a decent post. So instead I'm putting up a picture or two. I thought I'd share a couple from my recent trip to the Iowa State Fair. I know you'll be surprised but most of these will be animal focused.

I love the fair and I particularly like walking through the animal barns. This year the animal production industry opened their new educational facility. It's an attempt by the industry to fight against the stereotypes that we animal activists are creating. I'm not buying it but the animals there were pretty cute.

Like a baby ostrich. Yeah that's an ostrich! He was about a foot tall.

Or the baby turkeys. These were tough to watch. They kept pecking at each other.

There were quite a few miniature horses this year. And I mean miniature.

And on the other end there was the biggest boar. This sucker was huge.

Lastly, there was a pretty fish. Well okay a knitted fish. I want to make one.


TheDogLikeCynic said...

Haha. That fish hat is too cute ;-)

Reminds me somewhat of the stockyards here. I miss going, but there are SO MANY people it ends up not being much fun. Used to love seeing all the animals though, especially the pigs and chickens.

Cat B said...

Which stockyards are those? Are they working stockyards or more for show? We didn't visit the ones down in Dallas because I thought they were working stockyards and I was worried it would be too hard for me. Now I wish I had.