Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Packing and Planning

I'm in the mad rush to get everything done before we leave on vacation tomorrow. I'm heading out to Indianapolis for GenCon and I'm a bit excited. In an odd move for me, I've left packing until the very end. I'm normally one of those people who starts packing the week before a vacation. I'm a bit of a planner if you couldn't tell.

So with company arriving in the next couple hours and getting ready to be gone for a week, these last two days I haven't really thought about blogging. I'll be back with plenty of pictures. There will be fun costumes everywhere. I'll also be back with some good stories. This will be a weekend to let my inner geek out to play. Embrace your geekiness is the family motto. So I'll be back next week with pure geek wonderfulness. Until then, have a fantastic week.

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