Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Type of Bling

I love necklaces. Other than my wedding ring they are the only jewelry I'm willing to wear. We've bought a couple nice necklaces over the years but most of the ones I wear on a regular basis are thrift store buys or odd pieces that I've found in art stores. I love a single pendent with some character. So when Jeff took me over to a little bead store in Valley Junction called Fish Lips, I went a little crazy.
I only bought one chain but above are all the pendents that I bought. The ones on the chain are what I'm currently wearing. I switch them out every couple of days. I wore courageous journey to work on Wednesday but for the rest of the week it's been this three pendent combination. I'm excited to try out Find next. I know they aren't all that shiny or lovely but they really mean a lot to me. Of course now I have a new shop to avoid. Well...only if I want to have money at the end of the week.


fumiko said...

Valley Junction!!I loved there,really need to go back.
They looks so nice,I always have some feeling with Keys,I also like courageous one.

Cat B said...

Valley Junction is wonderful. I still remember our last trip out there. Such a fantastic and memorable day.

Thank you. I love keys. I'll have to post some of the other keys I've purchased in the past. They are all rusted and covered with gears and birds. Very steampunk.