Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lightening the Mood

I'm having a sad day. It is one of those days where I'm going to be sad and angry all day. I'm researching the meat industry for work and that never fails to leave me in a bit of a bad mood. Whenever people ask my why I became a vegetarian, I simply say that I work a little too close to the meat industry for comfort. So in order to lighten my day I'm going to share a couple images that make me happy.

The first is my current desktop image. This is where I'm going to be in two weeks. If that thought doesn't make me happy, I don't know what will. This is a hotel in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. I'm heading down there in 14 days (not that I'm counting) for Jeff's brother's wedding.

The next image is fitting for Halloween. My first painting for painting class was of a jack-o-lantern (because I have a book in the works about one). I used this guy as my model. The painting turned out okay but the photo here is just perfect.

The next is a picture that a friend of mine at work gave me. This is one of the Shinkansen (bullet trains in Japan) passing in front of Mt. Fuji. It has decorated my desktop several times. I love the colors.

And lastly I would be remiss if I didn't post this image. I hope that Jen and Greg, and the rest of the family will forgive me for posting it. This is the couple who will be getting married in Mexico along with the rest of my inlaws. I'll have to actually post some images of my side of the family soon. Although I'm pretty sure my mother wouldn't be happy with that.

Again thanks for letting me share these. They brighten what looks to be an otherwise difficult day.


Lonster said...

How about a kid story to brighten your day?

So, we're riding in the car, and naming things we see. Logan sees a cement truck that is going the other way, and calls it out. Laura claims she didn't see it. Logan starts to describe it, like a big can on the back of a dump truck. Laura says she still doesn't get it. I remind them that we'll pass a gravel pit on our way home, and I'll make sure to ... point out a concrete example.

(they didn't get it, but I laughed at me)

Cat B said...

Heh, they might be a little young for such solid puns but don't worry, as they get older that sense of humor will firm up.

Thanks, that did brighten my day!