Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's official. I've lost my iPod. I'm tuneless.

I'm actually surprised by how much this simple loss affects me. I've lost tons of things before. Ask Jeff how often I lose my keys. In fact, I've been missing my keys for two days now without worry. I'm sure they are somewhere in the house and it is just a matter of finding them. I lost them coming home from knitting on Monday.

But losing my iPod has left me in something of a lurch. I'm shocked at how much I love that little piece of metal that holds a majority of my music collection. Everything is backed up on my computer but it has suddenly become less portable. Jeff is not always a fan of my music, which tends to run towards indie folk lately, so I tend to not play a lot of music at home over the speakers. Because of this, I keep my iPod with me almost constantly. It is my only source of music in the car other than the radio (which drives me crazy).

I know this is a bit of a shallow whine. I lived for years without an iPod. I have plenty of other things to keep me entertained. But for some reason this loss bothers me more than most. Sorry all. Just a shallow little whine. I'm over it. Now if you don't mind I'll be at the Apple store, drooling over the new Nanos.


Lonster said...

So, what you're saying, is without your iPod, you can't carry a tune?

Cat B said...

arrrgh /groan :-)

Susskins said...

Of all the electronic gizmos and gadgets I've purchased over the years, the single most-used item has been my iPod.

I wore out a second-gen iPod. Actually wore it out.

So I can definitely understand what you're going through.

Lonster said...

I am fairly technologically connected, but I have never owned a personal music device of any stripe. I don't like headphones...I might miss someone saying something unintentionally funny.

Cat B said...


I've only owned one iPod but it has been my constant companion for the last three or four years. I take it everywhere. So it seems a bit like I've lost a limb. I'm impressed (or scared) that you actually wore one out. I didn't even think that was possible.


The new iPod Nano's have external speakers so you wouldn't need headphones. You own music plus unintentionally funny conversations. (wow it's like you've talked to me before :-) )