Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Questionable Content

I needed another webcomic like I needed a hole in the head. Particularly a webcomic with over five years of back story. So when Jeff mentioned that he was reading Questionable Content and that I should check it out, I put it off for a little while. But everytime he started laughing while on the computer, it was because of this comic, and I knew I had to start reading.

Questionable Content follows the dramas and issues of Marten, an indie rock guy who happens to live with a woman who he has a crush on but who has too many issues to date him. He owns an AnthroPC named Pintsize who is constantly turning his life upside-down. He's dating his roommate's boss Dora, who owns Coffee of Doom coffeehouse. He's surrounded by neurotic friends, interesting parents, and constant dramatics. Throw in some great music references for fun, and you have a very enjoyable webcomic.

The strip is created by Jeph Jacques and publishes Monday through Friday. I spent the last two weekends reading all 1500 parts of the archive and now am a little sad that I have to wait for my daily dose of laughter. The characters are really a lot of fun. Hannelore, the OCD girl living upstairs, has to be my favorite. She's constantly cleaning and is a serious germaphobe. Yet she has some of the best lines in the comic. If I had to chose which of the characters I most resemble it would be Penelope, right down to the unemployed boyfriend (Just kidding, Jeff). But the best part about this strip for me, is that all the characters may be neurotic and odd but they are very realistic. I know people like these characters. The dialogue is realistic even if the situations are a bit odd. Plus I just love a good story and this supplies it. Best laughs I've had in a while. Check it out if you get the chance.

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