Thursday, October 29, 2009

Recycled Art

I love finding new artists, particularly ones who's work is a bit on the unusual side. When I was recently on I came across an article on Ptolemy Eldrington, who's work I would definately say is unusual. It is also good for the planet and incredibly beautiful.

Ptolemy is a UK based sculptor who's primary medium is recycled material. And not just cans. One of his favorite media is used and discarded hubcaps. He bends them and cuts them to create some of the most beautiful and interesting animals I have seen. Below is a frilled lizard made entirely out of hubcaps.

Or an armadillo.

Ptolemy does not restrict himself to hubcaps though. He has created artwork out of old recycled shopping carts, kitchen appliances, and other large objects. His material is often installed in museums but some of them escape into the wild like this adorable penguin. Notice the Ford logo as an eye.

The ability to take something as solid and uninteresting as a hubcap and create beautiful creatures out of it is incredibly appealing to me. I'm fascinated by his figures and even more interested in his process. I will have to find out more about how he bends them. I'll see about finding a good interview with him and linking it. Fascinating work...and environmentally friendly.


Lonster said...

My grandfather used to make art from coffee cans. I think mom has some, I'll ask her.

Cat B said...

Let me know if you mom has any of it. I would be interesting in seeing.

Why coffee cans? I would think that would grind him down after a while. ;-)