Sunday, January 8, 2012

Big Bang Theory

A while ago I wrote about my love for geeky men. I'm the one drooling over the guy in glasses playing D&D until all odd hours. Dressing up as a Klingon for a convention is actually a plus rather than a minus. Most geeks I know are passionate about things and that's incredibly attractive. And so of course I've started watching The Big Bang Theory. And have completely lost my mind over the show. 

I'm late to the party as usual. The show already has five seasons under it's belt and I've just started watching. When it first came out, everyone raved. I knew people who wouldn't go out on Mondays so they could catch it. It was all the rage. So of course I refused to watch. It has only been since the reruns have started in syndication that I've become hooked on the show. Okay not hooked, addicted. Obsessed. I watch numerous episodes a night and am still disappointed when the programming changes. I've been debating buying whole seasons even if I haven't seen half of the episodes (rare for me). It's just so cleverly written. The dialogue sparkles, the retorts are witty, the jokes are funny, and the cast is just fantastic. Even the science is good (so good I have to look things up a lot). 

 And of course I love the boys. Not just because of the rounds of Klingon Boggle or Halo nights. Or because of the way they are passionate about their work. I love their geekiness. Their comic-loving, cosplay-dressing, board-gaming playing selves. I have a mad crush on Leonard although that doesn't surprise me since I had a crush on Johnny Galecki when he was on Rosanne years ago. Nothing has changed there. Except the glasses are a little better and the clothes are definitely better. But what startles me is how much I adore Sheldon. He's meant to be irritating. He's meant to be frustrating. And yet I still find his odd idiosyncrasies adorable. And I find his arrogance hot. I'm not sure why. Perhaps that odd mix of arrogance and fragility makes me want to protect and throttle him at the same time. Either way I know that eventually I'll buy at least one or two of the seasons. It's too good not to own. And watch over and over. I'm a geek after all. 


Keith said...

Have you seen any of the Hwil Hwheaton episodes yet? They're entertaining as hell, especially since they feature Sheldon.

Cat B said...

Keith, I've only seen the most recent one so I missed a bit of the backstory. It was still hilarious though.

Since I'm watching the episode out of order it's a bit more interesting to try to guess what happened. Or I watch an older episode and figure out the recent episode's joke.