Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oddly Antisocial

I'm not typically antisocial. Most of the time I love being around friends and family. I revel in long discussions and good conversation. For an introvert (and trust me I am one) I tend to enjoy being around people. Mind you, drop me in a room full of people I don't know and I'll find myself a quiet corner to hide. But with people I know, most won't even believe that I'm painfully shy.

But for some reason both today and yesterday I've been avoiding people. I haven't been on Facebook, I haven't been blogging, and I haven't even been willing to check my email. Apparently I'm being antisocial. Which is hilarious considering my weekend. Most of the weekend was pretty quiet. I had dinner with Jeff on Friday and we settled in at home for some exciting Christmas Card writing and a touch of Bailey's. It's amazing how much easier that pen writes when the Bailey's is flowing (my apologies to anyone who gets one of my later addressed ones). Saturday was filled with cleaning. The house looks almost uncluttered now, which is miraculous. With two packrats living in the same house, things can get a bit overwhelming.

And all of that led up to Sunday. I woke up with the alarm on Sunday so I could have breakfast at a friend's place. And she treated me wonderfully. I had samosas and sweet potato curry. There was homemade Apple Carrot juice (surprisingly tasty) and homemade tortillas. By the time I left her house, I was well past stuffed. I got home just in time to get a call from a high school friend of mine. She had looked me up out of the blue and had emailed me about getting together. Considering that she lives in Alabama we haven't seen each other in years. Eleven years to be exact. We had lost contact. So for all of Sunday afternoon, Jeff and I hung out with her, her husband, and her two adorable kids. We spent a lot of time playing Wii, taking pictures, but mostly just catching up. It was wonderful. So after a day filled with talking and visiting you would think that I'd be more than ready to communicate with everyone else. Apparently not.

I'm thinking that I've come out of my antisocial mood. I spent a fantastic lunch today with my sister. We laughed and ate too much. And now I feel like writing. I feel like sharing. I may even get on Facebook although I'm not promising anything. Just know that I'll be posting the rest of the week. And possibly this weekend. And sometimes, it may even be interesting.

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