Tuesday, December 22, 2009

People of Walmart

Now I don't shop at Walmart. I know too many small business owners to shop at what my family refers to as the evil empire. But after checking out People of Walmart (thanks for the suggestion Em), there are other reasons not to shop there.

People of Walmart is a blog dedicated to displaying readers' pictures of people they find in Walmarts. There are the poorly dressed,

the crazies,

and the "what were they thinking?".

I'm not brave enough to post a picture of the mostly dressed although there were plenty of those. It's a mix of some of the oddest pictures you'll ever see. And almost all of them are funny and sad and frightening.

Jeff and I spent part of the weekend, while recovering from shopping, clicking through the many pages. I was both humored and scared by the end. I'm amazed people leave the house looking like that but I'm also a bit scared for society in general. There are some odd people out there. And most of them are shopping in Walmart.


Lonster said...

Also, the WalMart parking lot is the single most dangerous place on Earth.

I kid you not.

Cat B said...

Oh I believe it. I've seen people drive through it at warp speed. Add that to the number of chemicals lying around and you have a dangerous place. Best to avoid it at all costs.

Nette said...

That is incredibly disturbing. I only hope that many of those people came from or are going to some place that requires costume wear...

Cat B said...

Jeff made the same comment. Hoping that some of them are costume party attenders. For some of the ones in October I'd believe it. The rest of them....well...wow!