Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Something a Little Lighter

After yesterday I feel like I need to post something a little lighter. Something that will make me incredibly happy rather than angry. Something to cleanse your palate after my diatribe yesterday. So I bring you a library.

Yes, what you see is a lending library. A village in Somerset England lost both their mobile library and their phone box in the past year. So they contacted the telecom company and asked for the box back. Not the mechanisms, just the box. And they turned it into a lending library.

The phone box houses about 100 books and they are constantly changing. Lending is done on the honor system. Patrons select books to read and bring in books they have already read. So far they claim that the system is working really well. And they get a library that's a bit of an oddity and a showcase. Along with the recycling of an old part, I think it's a brilliant idea. Now if only it didn't remind me of a Tardis every time I looked at it. :-)
Read the whole article here.

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