Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alexa Meade

Okay I just found the coolest new artist and I had to share. I got the idea from the fantastic blog lines and colors and am now completely fascinated by this woman's work. I know you're shocked. Me fascinated by an artist. But this one is spectacular.

Alexa Meade is a young artist with a fascination for trompe l'oeil painting. For those who don't know trompe l'oeil is about creating illusions with art. I had highlighted a mural artist a while ago named John Pugh (ironically another lines and colors inspiration) who created three dimensional illusions from a two dimensional surfaces. Alexa's illusions go the other way. She creates two dimensional images from three dimensional forms. More specifically people.

She paints people with broad brushstrokes to make them look like paintings. They are then posed among other painted objects and painted backgrounds to create what looks like a fully painted image. The people are then photographed to complete the illusion. I have included some examples above of the paintings. Here is Alexa with her earlier subject Jaimie.

And here is the gallery showing of Natura Morta. It is tough to believe that the paintings above are not just that...paintings. A beautiful and innovative type of illusion. I look forward to seeing more of Alexa's work.


Salt said...

...Now I wish I could do more than just doodle.

Cat B said...

Trust me, so do I.