Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Side of the Sofa

I'm writing to you from the couch my parents bought Jeff and I when we moved into our house. It is a beautiful cream-colored micro-fiber couch that has to be one of the softest things I've ever sat on. I've slept on this couch, I've watched TV on this couch, I've eaten on this couch, and for the last nine weeks I've pretty much lived on this couch (you can see me on the couch in my profile picture).

From that night in early January when I came home from the emergency room, I have been mostly living in one spot on the couch. I sit on the right side of the couch so I can prop my injured left ankle up on the ottoman and still get up comfortably when I need to. The first week and a half I slept in this spot. During that first week I only left the couch to go to the bathroom. Jeff brought me clothes and food and entertainment. Nowadays I'm much more mobile and spend plenty of time in the rest of the house. But when I come home from work after a long day (I'm back to nine hour days full time) the first place I'm going to head is my side of the sofa.

This has worked okay except for the poor other side of the sofa. Jeff sits on the loveseat and works from there. It's nice that he's so close and it was just easier for talking or watching TV (which I've done way too much of lately). So the other half of the couch has been taken over with my things. From where I am sitting right now I can see: two blankets, a knitting project I'm working on, my coat, my bookbag, treats for the cat, toys for the cat, my towel that I use for my ankle exercises, the camera, some nail polish, multiple pens, a water bottle, and well over a dozen books. It's hard for me to carry things back into their place and I hate to ask Jeff since he already does so much running around at my request. Plus you never know when I'll need things again. So they pile up until I can't stand it anymore. Then I clean the whole couch up and start the process over.

My only hope is that all the stuff on the other side will balance out the fact that my fat butt has been sitting on one cushion for nine weeks now. It's starting to get flatter than the others. I should move. I should change things up after nine weeks. But I'm comfortable here. And the cushions are starting to mold to my shape. I'm claiming this side as mine always. Jeff can keep the loveseat. :-)


Lonster said...

Funny, the right side of the couch (couch right? TV left?) in the basement is slightly dented from my butt sitting in it all the time, also.

Cat B said...

Too much video game playing? there such a thing? ;-)