Monday, March 1, 2010

Eight Weeks or a Rambling Post about Recovery

I know it hasn't been that long since I gave you guys an update on my leg but today is eight weeks and I figured I would celebrate the small victories. Eight weeks is significant when it comes to healing because of the general belief that a bone will be healed enough to walk on by six to eight weeks. Obviously this depends somewhat on the person but that is the general rule. Children heal much faster and older people and smokers of any age heal far slower. But since I'm not fitting into any of those categories I figure I'm probably following the normal course.

I've noticed that my attitude towards my foot has certainly changed in the last couple of weeks. Right after the break I was practically panicked if my foot hit the floor incorrectly or went for any time without the boot. I hated to touch it down for any length of time and was worried sick if it wasn't up for a while. In short, I was a basket case.

The last four weeks or so have seen me really calm down about it. For starters the break feels more like a part of my life and less like something that is temporary. I've gotten used to my injured foot, the boot, and the crutches. I can no longer remember what it was like when I was walking. You would think that this would depress me but instead I've found some peace in it. Secondly I've stopped worrying about injuring it further. I now walk with it down all the time and am putting more and more weight on it. I'm no longer even phased if I run it into a door or someone kicks it. I'm very stable on the crutches now and find them a comfort rather than a nuisance. All and all, I've grown used to things and am starting to feel like my foot is pretty much healed.

That said I go to the doctor next Monday. And I have a feeling things will change again. I'll either end up being able to put more weight on the foot or losing either my boot or crutches. And this of course will throw me back into chaos. I'll have to learn a whole new skill. But I figure I've learned each task without too much trouble. I've adapted to each step and have grown comfortable. The next appointment is just another step in the road to recovery. My ankle feels stronger. I feel stronger. I just have to make sure I don't get my hopes up. I may be cursing the boot or crutches next week. It's all about change.

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